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  • Governor John Carney announced June 1 as the target date for Phase I of Delaware’s economic reopening.

  • However, hair salons and barbershops are included in Phase I, but not nail salons. Nail salons will remain closed in Phase I.

  • In addition to the general guidance nail salons must follow: 

    • Stations should only be open on a staggered basis - every other station can operate at any time with a customer. There must be at least six feet of distance in all directions between the station and other stations.

    • At no time may a salon exceed 30% of their fire code occupancy. The responsibility of strictly enforcing this lies with the store owner/manager. 

    • Services must be provided by appointment only and appointments must be scheduled with a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes between appointments for proper cleaning. 

    • Entrance doors must include signage that walk-ins are not permitted. 

    • Clients waiting for appointments must wait in their car or outside the store. 

    • Limited contact during check-ins and payment is strongly recommended: Limit cash transactions, encourage customers to use credit, debit, or other contact-less forms of payment. Cash registers and pin pads must be sanitized after each use.

    • Proper safety procedures and cloth face coverings must be used by staff and customers at all times as set forth in the State of Emergency Orders. 

    • Social distancing requirements of 6 feet should be maintained when feasible. 

    • Magazines or other materials may not be provided by the salon or shared among customers.

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