Federal guidelines

State-specific guidelines

Please check your governor's and state health department's website for your state specific guidelines.  We have information for some states in our Reopening Requirements By State page.

Informational videos

The Nail Tips Show

The Nail Tips Show (bilingual Vietnamese and English online training website) provides a great amount of informational videos related to nail salons. Below are videos of specific health and safety topics that they have covered. For more information, visit their homepage here

Laws and Nail Salons

- Insurance for workers and owners of nail salons.
- The benefits of 1099 and W-2 tax.
- Workers Comp for nails salons.

Reopening of Nail Salons

- Preparation for reopening Nail Salons.
- Please be sure to follow your state's reopening guidelines and local county for update information.

- Service agreement form generously made available by the Nail Tips Show

How to Reopen Safely

- Guidelines to follow when reopening.

- Tips to ensure a safe workplace at your salon.

Print resources 

California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative

A repository of COVID-19 health and safey guidelines and inforgraphics in English and Vietnamese